A tropical winter morning at the White House, while LUFO fought his purple opponent to death, in a chess game of bloody raspberries, suddenly understood that in order to win, you should not beat the other, but quit playing against him and go out conquer the world together.
Once outside, in the midst of street situations, in which they were completely certain about something that was obvious and of plain common sense, people chose to reject their opinion and continued to argue.
Since nighttime was approaching, they decided to request lodging at a family house on the road. In the middle of dinner, LUFO and PURPLELICIOUS naturally commented: “There is something they’re not gonna tell you at home, or at school, or at work … and not even at your funeral … It is the fact that only you know the map to find the treasure, do not let anyone make you think otherwise, ironically the inner voice that speaks to you calmly about happy endings, is right … “And dined on between laughter and jokes.
The next morning, they said goodbye to the friendly family and away along the cobbled streets, saw some dogs fighting over a bone but LUFO and his purple companion went their way imagining new landscapes that would be at the end of that day’s journey.
At last, they reached a beautiful valley with large trees, awesome rivers and found a man who had a bluebird in a gilded cage. They were curious and asked him why he had to lock out the bird while having a whole forest at disposal. The man replied: “I love to close my eyes and dream of beautiful landscapes of green valleys and crystalline rivers while listening to the song of my bird”.
LUFO and PURPLELICIOUS have been traveling through a wormhole and are here now to show all earthlings how to light up their inner flame to materialize thoughts and change their fate forever.

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